Along the Riverbank Bike Path with a 'Bent and a Box

That is, a Bike Friday Recumbent, and an Ansco Box Camera

By Herman Krieger

Part One

From Main St. Bridge to Ferry St. Bridge

Part Two

From Ferry St. Bridge to Greenway Bridge

Part Three

From Greenway Bridge to Belt Line Hwy Bridge

photo gallery hanging

Bicycle Paths Along the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon

Ten years later, a Swytch Kit Pedal Assist System was installed on the bike

This photo series was inspired by the purchase of a box camera at a garage sale and recalling a citation by Ansel Adams: "For fully half of the photography done in the world, a Kodak or Ansco box camera would be adequate."

Ansco B-2 Cadet Camera
with rotating shutter in front of meniscus lens and eye level viewfinder

Original exposure setting is 1/25 at f16. By covering part
of the circular shutter opening with black electrical tape,
and placing a small washer over the aperture opening,
the exposure setting became 1/125 at f22. This enabled
the use of Kodak T-MAX 400 film with the camera.

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