Prison Scene

Herman Krieger

No Holds Barred
Old Idaho State Prison

Boise Gun Club Outlook
New Idaho State Prison

Nebraska State Prison

Lifer's Last Hole: The Cemetery
Nebraska State Prison

Rained In, Front View
North Central Correctional Facility, Iowa

Rained In, Side View
North Central Correctional Facility, Iowa

Slow Get Away
Stateville, Illinois

Free Room, Board, Education, and Tactful Health Care
Joliet, Illinois

Cook County Public Housing
Chicago, Illinois

In Hock
Chicago City Jail

Bayside View
San Quentin, California

Double Time
San Quentin, California

Security Fence
Folsom, California

Gated Communities
Vacaville¹, California

Room Without a View
Pelican Bay, California

Open House
Old State Prison, Wyoming

Over the Hill
New State Prison, Wyoming

End of the Track
Oregon State Prison

Child Care Included
Women's Prison, Oregon

Can't Go Straight
Lane County Jail, Eugene, Oregon


For more about Vacaville, see, "The Prison Experience"
by Morrie Camhi

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