Field Trip to North Central Oregon

with the

Willamette Valley PhotoArts Guild


Herman Krieger

Edge of Town, Shaniko

Outside Pew, Shaniko

Shoot Out, Old Shaniko

Down to the Nitty-Gritty, Antelope

Jail Time, Antelope

On the High Road, near Antelope

Arborists, Clarno

Photo Bug, Clarno

Rain Man, Clarno

John Day Trip, Fossil Beds, Clarno

Fossilier, Clarno

Far Out Church, Richmond

Smelling the Flowers

Waiting for the Sun, Painted Hills

Lookout, Painted Hills

Drive-By Shooting, Painted Hills

Old Homestead, near Kent

Mt. Hood View, near Kent

Store Front, Kent

Old Silo, Kent

As Is, Kent

Open and Closed School, Kent

Old School Photographer, Kent

Defrocked Church, Grass Valley

Point of View

Blown with the Wind, Condon

North Central Oregon

Photographers shown in the photos:

Rich Bergeman
Allen Doerksen
Frank Lahman
Kurt Norlin
Mike Bergen

Photos made by Rich Bergeman

Photos made by Kurt Norlin


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