Along West 11th Avenue

A Photo Essay by Herman Krieger

West 11th Avenue is a main thoroughfare in Eugene, Oregon, of about five miles in length, that leads to the coastal city of Florence. For a mile and a half it runs through an older residential section of mostly single family homes. It is then joined by Highway 26, and for the next mile and a half becomes a commercial strip. The rest of way, until the city limits, the area along West 11th Avenue is occupied by light industry and designated wet lands. The photos were made in 1997.

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Willamette St. to Washington St.

Washington St. to Monroe St.

Monroe St. to Chambers St.

Chambers St. to Garfield St.

Garfield St. to Conger St.

Conger St. to Seneca Rd.

Seneca Rd. to Bailey Hill Rd.

Bailey Hill Rd. to Bertelsen Rd.

Bertelsen Rd. to Green Hill Rd.

Eugene, Oregon


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